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Australia & New Zealand
. Bitters can contain a maximum 35 mg/kg thujone, other alcoholic beverages can contain a max. 10 mg/kg thujone. In Australia import and sales requires a special permit.
Canada. In Canada, liquor laws are the domain of the provincial governments. British Columbia has no limits on thujone content, Alberta, Ontario, Nova Scotia and Quebec allow 10 mg/kg thujone, and all other provinces do not allow the sale of absinthe containing thujone.
European Union. The EU permits a max. thujone level of 10 mg/kg in alcoholic beverages with more than 25% ABV, and 35 mg/kg in alcohol labeled as bitters.
France. In addition to EU standards, products explicitly called “absinthe” cannot be sold in France, although they can be produced for export.
United States. According to U.S. Customs, “The importation of Absinthe and any other liquors or liqueurs that contain Artemisia absinthium is prohibited.” The prevailing consensus of interpretation of US law and regulations among American absinthe connoisseurs is that: It is probably legal to purchase such a product for personal use in the U.S.

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