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Absinthe fountains are elegant and mesmerizing focal points for the absinthe service set, and a seemingly essential luxury. Fountains were made of metal and glass with two to six robinettes (tiny faucets or spigots).

Upon filling the fountain with cold water, the imbiber simply places a glass under one of the robinettes and turns the tiny spigot, dripping the ice water into the waiting glass.

The Absinthe fountain slowly drips cold water into absinthe, drop by drop, over the sugar cube perched above the absinthe glass. As the cool water drips over the sugar cube the glass turns milky green.
Mexico Big Anna
1.5l  gold  47cm  0,85kg
3l old silver 63cm 2,15kg
1.5l  gold  47cm  0,85kg
Val Banka Distillator
2 spigot from a brass
30cm  0,25kg
2 spigot from a glass
24cm  0,22kg
Beer Tower
There is possibility to order any inscription and picture on a surface of the fountains.
There are 3 colors of the bodies: gold, silver, old silver.
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